What an adventure!

July 20, 2012

Dear B&B guests and other seekers!

Mike and I purchased the South Court Inn on July 16 and are attempting to create our home quickly before we are ready to welcome guests on August 3 for the very first time. How exciting! The other morning, when I woke up way too early I sat on my new porch watching the sun rise over skyline drive and I could not help but think: 'Yes, this feels right. What a beautiful place!" Amongst all the boxes to move and unpack a little piece of heaven.

Mike in the meantime is more concerned about happenings at United Airlines, where he has been a pilot now for over 23 years. The fact that flying still is fun for him is reflected in his wish to be back building his Mustang II again. Now he has a carriage house to build in. What an improvement over our single family house basement in Ashburn, VA. Also, the Oshkosh, Wisconsin airshow is going on without him. What a pity! I hope next year Mikey can be in Oshkosh again.

While we are setting up over here in Luray, we are readying our youngest son Tom for his college at UVA. Seems like he does the readying largely himself. Our middle son Lukas is a strong help in the move as well as Ale van der Ploeg, our Dutch, excuse me, Frisian exchange student from two years back. He loves us that much, that he comes back in order to work for us!

Gotta get back to the boxes!

Cheers, Adelheid

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